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Feb | 2012

3 Simple Ways to Maximize LinkedIn

LinkedIn Dayton

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for business networking. But, many of us are not doing the necessary things to benefit from LinkedIn so we can realize it’s true effectiveness. LinkedIn has given me the platform to stay connected with many different people in numerous industries. There are 3 simple ways to maximize your LinkedIn experience.

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Jan | 2012

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design Example

As you move about in your every day life, you can’t help but notice one thing that is almost a standard now in our modern culture: smart devices. Whether it’s a phone, a tablet or some crazy device currently in development that someone left in a bar, most of our culture spends a good amount of time with their heads tilted down, gazing into an Internet-capable device. Now the question you should ask yourself as a website designer or website owner is: How does my website look to these people? Are they annoyed? Frustrated? Confused? Bored? If you think any of these are true, I have a way we might be able to fix that.

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Nov | 2011

SEO Advice for the Small Start-Up

Google Search SEO in Dayton

The Marketing Formula’s philosophy on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to automatically optimize websites during the building process. The combination of regularly updated content and traffic, the site will be recognized as “organically” optimized by today’s major search engines. Organically optimized websites make use of appropriate keywords and relevant information. The benefits to this are that it is free and searchers are more likely to trust and click through the site.

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Sep | 2011

Refining Us: The New Marketing Formula

Marketing Formula Branding Display

Most people, when they hear the word brand, visualize a logo. A logo is an element of a brand but brand is so much more. Your brand tells your story. Your brand is a promise for a certain customer experience. A brand relates the reliability of your product. And, if sales and customer service and the accounting department administrative assistant and that guy in shipping don’t all convey your brand message, you are losing equity and potential future sales. Everyone across your company, whether interacting with clients or not, should consistently live your brand. Everyday.

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