3 Reasons to Join LinkedIn Groups

3 Reasons to Join LinkedIn Groups

If you are just “connecting” with people on LinkedIn and not utilizing groups on LinkedIn, you are missing some significant benefits of business networking. LinkedIn is such an incredible tool for marketing yourself and your company, so why not benefit from all of the different aspects of it? Join some LinkedIn groups: Here are 3 reasons why you should.

1) Maximize Your Connections

Through joining LinkedIn groups, you will naturally connect with more people. You will probably have the opportunity to attend events outside of the virtual world. Many groups have social networking events or community service opportunities. Joining a group provides another avenue to network effectively, make new friends and meet potential customers. The type of group you choose is up to you. When choosing a group, there should be value to you in becoming a member. Industry specific groups are always a good place to start, but there are thousands to consider.

Soon, people will get to know you, your interests and your role within your organization. Very quickly, you will have the opportunity to add “connections” from these groups. As mentioned in my previous blog, when you increase your connections, you grow your potential reach for friendships, personal and professional partnerships. This is crucial to getting the most out of your LinkedIn experience.

2) Read Info from Experts, Be an Expert

Joining LinkedIn groups will provide opportunities to read and comment on group members blogs. Many bloggers are experts in their respective industries and provide a wealth of knowledge on specific topics. Certain blogs will relate directly to your business industry which may help you in your role or responsibilities. Certain blogs might provide useful information on networking, proper business attire or nice restaurants to take your clients to. On the other hand, if you would like to share your knowledge on a particular topic, you can take the role of “expert”, and write a blog post for a specific group. This is a excellent way to share your expertise or just provide an opinion. By writing a blog, you provide yourself an opportunity to connect with people through sharing a message. Through reading a blog, or writing one yourself, you open the door of communication with other group members. Good things will continue to happen when you connect and build relationships with group members.

3. Connect with Your Past

There is often an emotional connection(positive or negative) with a person’s past. Whether you had a challenging past or a wonderful one, there are people along the way that you can re-connect with that are willing to help. Many high schools, colleges, universities and former employers have LinkedIn groups that you can access easily and join. I recommend connecting with these groups as quickly as possible. You will meet people within these groups that you will have an instant bond with. For example, if you went to the same high school, you can share stories that will bring back memories that are special and personal to you. This can be the perfect ice breaker to discussing your line of work, your current roles and how there might be a potential fit with your organizations doing future business together. These new connections could become your next client, next co-worker, or next referral to a piece of a new project.