3 Simple Ways to Maximize LinkedIn

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LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for business networking. But, many of us are not doing the necessary things to benefit from LinkedIn so we can realize it’s true effectiveness. LinkedIn has given me the platform to stay connected with many different people in numerous industries. There are 3 simple ways to maximize your LinkedIn experience.

1) Make as Many Connections as Possible

When I started using LinkedIn, I was very particular about who I wanted to connect with and who I would accept a connection invitation from. I wanted to keep my connections “personal”. By “personal”, I mean I wanted my connections to include people I have closely worked with throughout my career. I eventually realized, that by doing this, I was not experiencing the full potential of LinkedIn. After meeting Pete Smith at a networking event, I took his business card and did some research on his company. Pete’s was a casual contact and I found out that our businesses don’t align. I decided not to connect with Pete on LinkedIn. By not connecting with Pete, I am preventing myself from linking to Pete’s connections. Pete may have the perfect connection in his network that may lead to a successful business client for my organization. Very simply, when you meet someone, connect with them on LinkedIn. There is nothing to lose and much to gain.

2) Sending a Short Message Can Lead to Great Things

Obviously, it is too difficult to stay in contact with every one of your connections. But, it is easy to shoot a short message to them when you notice a change in their profile. For example, my friend Ryan recently received a promotion that I noticed as an LinkedIn update. Ryan and I were casual friends from college, but I haven’t spoken to him for 5 years. I sent Ryan a short in mail message to say congratulations on his accomplishments. My quick note, opened the door for a nice conversation on the phone. I was able to connect Ryan with a client of mine who was in need of his company’s services. This was a win-win because I was able to help Ryan’s new company and a client achieve a business goal.

3. Check LinkedIn Frequently

If you are in sales, you may have heard the expression, “Use your ABC’s – Always Be Closing”. When dealing with LinkedIn, it should be, “Always Be Checking”. Many people do not find the benefit of LinkedIn because they don’t check it often enough. While you may check (or access) your home page frequently, it’s important to remain active with your LinkedIn page. Remaining active includes updating your profile(experience, skills, etc.), posting a article, posting a blog or tweet, etc. I recommend checking LinkedIn a minimum once a day. If you are unable to check throughout your day, spend a few minutes at night. When you are using LinkedIn frequently, you will benefit from staying in tune to what’s happening with your connections and groups. You can check LinkedIn as little or as much as you like, but, checking your LinkedIn page frequently will help maximize your total experience and will save you time trying to catch up if you ignore the page for weeks at a time.

Jerry Powers
Director, Business Development
The Marketing Formula