CareSource Annual Report 2011

CareSource 2011 Annual Report

Working on the 2011 CareSource Annual Report was a rewarding experience that eclipsed the actual report and became a real connection with what is right. For the first time, CareSource combined their corporate Annual Report with their foundation Impact Report. As a unified story, it was powerful and illustrated ALL that CareSource does.

Through the production of this report, we were able to visit and talk with many compassionate organizations and boy, did we have our eyes opened. These people live it. Every day they are walking beside those who struggle, helping them overcome. They are supporting, caring for and teaching our neighbors in need. All of these organizations expressed how important CareSource and the Foundation are to their success.

This report is about something big. It is about an idealistic, universal good that all humans share. Or, want to. Can you imagine? WE CAN. Can you imagine a world filled with healthy children? WE CAN. Can you imagine breaking the cycle of poverty? WE CAN. Can you imagine not choosing between your home and your health? WE CAN. Can you imagine a company that cares? WE CAN. And, can you imagine everyone working together for the greater good? WE CAN.

CareSource is a company that truly cares about every individual it serves and with the foundation, they contribute to many others that share that imagination.

This report is about communicating the real benefits that CareSource brings to the State of Ohio and humanity, in general. It is to explain to the lawmakers and community leaders what CareSource does and what they believe.

We thank CareSource for the honor of participating in this project.

CareSource 2011 Annual Report