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Most people, when they hear the word brand, visualize a logo. A logo is an element of a brand but brand is so much more. Your brand tells your story. Your brand is a promise for a certain customer experience. A brand relates the reliability of your product. And, if sales and customer service and the accounting department administrative assistant and that guy in shipping don’t all convey your brand message, you are losing equity and potential future sales. Everyone across your company, whether interacting with clients or not, should consistently live your brand. Everyday.

When looking at your brand, there are some important questions to ask. What is your history and how does it relate to what you’re doing now? What does your company’s brand look like from the inside out and the outside in? What is your reputation within your industry? How aware are your target audiences of your brand? How do your employees interact with your customers and each other? What feeling comes to your client’s mind when they hear your name?

These are all important questions. So important, we took an 8 month step back to evaluate those same questions and more about our company and this is what we we found out: we are a branding company. We thrive on branding – that is our focus. We are knowledgeable about branding. We think. We are practical. We are calm in a storm. We are passionate about helping our clients realize their potential in the marketplace.

Brands age – in some cases become static. Employees come and go. Marketing channels evolve. Perceptions change. Who you are can get lost. Is it time for you to take a serious look at your company’s brand position ? It’s not an easy process. Feelings get hurt. Thoughts are challenged.

Sometimes it’s hard to let go of who you were to get to who you want to be. But, leaving who you were yesterday is not a rejection of all that led you to this place. Moving forward is an opportunity for growth. It’s fresh perspective. It’s renewed vigor. We gnashed and gnawed our way through the process and are glad we did. We’re excited about the outcome, about our future. We know if you make it through the process, you will be, too.

So, welcome to our new website and welcome to a newly defined Marketing Formula – the brand company.

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