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Google Search SEO in Dayton

The Marketing Formula’s philosophy on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to automatically optimize websites during the building process. The combination of regularly updated content and traffic, the site will be recognized as “organically” optimized by today’s major search engines. Organically optimized websites make use of appropriate keywords and relevant information. The benefits to this are that it is free and searchers are more likely to trust and click through the site.

Google, and other search engines, are becoming ever more sophisticated in how they determine the ranking of websites. Until recently, “SEO” companies could, to some degree, “trick” the search engines into believing a site was more relevant than it’s competitors. This is not necessarily the case anymore. Search engines can detect the “tricks” and are now placing greater value on the amount of traffic to a website, location, updated content, etc.

Websites that are regularly updated are considered to be optimized and therefore, search engines view them more favorably and grant these sites a higher ranking. New websites need some time “live” to become recognized, evaluated and ranked by search engines. This can sometimes take 6-9 months for a site to be indexed, especially with sites that have naturally low traffic levels.

Optimizing SEO for Your Company

So you ask: “What does all of this mean for my company? And, how do we optimize our site for a high ranking?” As mentioned above, it takes time to be recognized. The next component is traffic to the site. Traffic can be obtained in many ways. If you are a start-up, many established companies within the same industry will have websites that have had plenty of traffic for quite some time. They may also be advertising regularly to drive additional traffic to their website.

Things a new company could do to improve the website ranking based on traffic:

  • Pay-Per-Click advertising on Google
    Notice how many of your competitors use this tactic. This will be a good barometer for how much pay-per-click you may want to apply.
  • Paid advertising on other local websites
  • Local news paper, T.V. and radio stations
  • Local blogs and forums
  • Paid advertising on industry sites
  • Links to your website from paid on-line advertising
  • Organizations like digital Yellow Pages, etc.
  • Other local lead-generating services
  • Claim your Google Places account and update it
  • This is like waving a flag in Google’s face to say “Find Me!”
  • Non-digital advertising and promotion to include your website address


In general, you will be best served by saving the money you would spend with an SEO company to optimize your new “already optimized” site. Put those dollars into advertising that drives traffic to your site and recognition of your company. Update your site regularly with fresh, relevant content. And most importantly, before spending money on anything, be a little patient as the search engines begin to recognize your site.

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