To Design or Not to Design?

Requarth Branding Materials

For most companies it has been very difficult to justify the expense to re-imagine what their brand could or should be. Sadly, the expenditures of reinventing and or building a new strong brand are thrown into the “expendable” bucket of marketing. First, marketing is not expendable but that is another blog post. This post is about the investment into an asset that is a “Strong Brand.” Yes, I said asset. The only asset that demands customer loyalty and over time will lower your advertising output.

There is no better time than now to re-imagine and to train your leaner staff that survived the great recession to execute the roadmap to your new stronger brand. Over the last few years everybody has cut the fat and reassessed their product. How they sell and expanded their market to survive. What this means to you is that your competitors have changed dramatically.

The article is focused heavily on design, which I do think is very important, but the fundamentals of brand is much more important. Revisiting your brand story, personality, position and promise may be the most important thing you can do when things are slow. The design and look will come when all other brand fundamentals are in place. You may even find out that your brand visuals don’t need to be tweaked. It’s the execution of strategy that need adjusted.

Below are some articles that are a couple years old but that I hope you find interesting and make you think about your brand.

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