Trimble at INTERMAT 2012

Trimble Booth at INTERMAT 2012

INTERMAT (the international showcase of equipment and techniques for the construction and materials industries) occurred last week in Paris. It is the 2nd largest show for its segment in the world. It’s always exciting to see what long hours and a lot of sweat turns into. Our client, Trimble, whose Civil Construction Division’s brand in the international market is emerging as tough and rugged. They already lead the the world in construction technology but they have made a concerted effort over the last few years to make their technology as rugged as possible. Their accomplishments are amazing.

Construction is not swinging a hammer and running a bulldozer anymore. Construction is as sophisticated as any industry, maybe even more so. Think about it. How does a highway construction company build miles of new road and have it line up with existing structure perfectly? How does a nation build thousands of miles of new high speed rail? It’s with Trimble’s GPS, laser and construction management technology. If you could buy something that makes your company 30 – 50% more efficient and more productive instantly (after a quick learning curve) wouldn’t you? Sounds like a no brainer but it’s not when it means real capital and real investment in this economy.

That is where we come in. There is competition in this marketplace with a couple big players and a few smaller ones. Our job is to help Trimble build a strong brand position and keep Trimble top of mind when construction technology is being considered.

This project was a spin-off of what we created for ConExpo, the largest US-based show for construction and the materials industry. We focused on what construction technology really means to the users, management and owners, not what each piece of the portfolio does. Sure there were many hands-on demonstrations at the booth and many of the pieces were presented. After all, ConExpo is a selling show. We focused on how construction technology improves efficiency and effectiveness on the job site. For example, it eliminates “do-overs” which saves time, contains cost and keeps a project on schedule. As a result, with more time and reduced worries, the personal lives of the target audience improve. More time for fishing, tinkering, enjoying family and hanging out with the guys. We wanted the audience to see past “do I really need this widget” and think this solution can finally get me there.

The client’s feedback: both events were successful and effective in communicating Trimble’s brand message to its audience.

Note: We are not the designers of the booths of INTERMAT or ConExpo. We developed the brand messaging and art to be produced and installed on the booth designs.