Why You Should Share Blog Posts with Social Media

Sharing Blogs with Social Media

Over 51% of Americans use Facebook, so it’s safe to say that at some point during the week, or even the day, your clients are going to be using some sort of social media. There are many ways you can utilize these outlets in marketing, but one of the easiest is by sharing your blog posts. As a company you spend a good amount of time writing about your expertise and knowledge on your blog, but if you’re leaving the content solely on your website, you may be missing more than you think. So why should you share your blog posts on social media?

1. It’s Easy

If your website has a blog it’s most likely built on a Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla, unless you’re hard-coding each entry in HTML. Not only is a CMS a great way to update and archive your blog, but with simple plug-ins, or scripting directly from the social media sites themselves, you can add share buttons to your posts. This allows a visitor to share what they’ve just read to all of their virtual followers and friends without having to leave your site.

2. It Makes You Visible

According to Wikipedia, there are millions of people using all types of social media (Facebook: 845M, Twitter: 300M, LinkedIn 120M, Google+: 100M) so it’s very likely that your clients and customers are using them as well. Many of them may already “Follow” you on Twitter or “Like” you on Facebook, so why not share with them? This is also a great way to generate content for your Facebook Page. Not only are you adding content to both places, Facebook and your website, but you are connecting them together to generate pageviews.

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3. It Shows You’re Hip

As rapidly as technology and society evolve, it’s hard for anyone to keep up – there’s already an iPad 3! – but social media is one of the best ways to show your clients that you follow the big trends in marketing and care about connecting with them. Whether you are simply sharing your blog content or offering specials and coupons for “Likes” and “Follows,” it’s important to relate to your customers that you are willing to come to where they are and cater to them. Social media is as much a service as it is a marketing tool. Modern customers don’t expect you to be involved in everything cutting edge, but having a Facebook Page that you update regularly goes a long way to show that you don’t do all your business through fax.

4. It Creates a Forum

Have you heard about KONY2012? What about Rebecca Black? Or the show $#*! My Dad Says? All of these things exploded because of social media sharing and discussion. “Discussing” topics on the Internet has come a long way since its inception (Usenet!), and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are a huge avenue for this very thing. Say you write a blog without social media sharing. How do you know who read it? Who liked it? Do they agree or disagree with your point? You might have a comment system built in, but it sequesters the discussion to your site only. Why not share your post with a #hashtag so you can follow along on Twitter? Or by sharing on Facebook, you can use the post comments to determine reactions.

5. It Gives You Insight

Building on #4, social media sharing is a great way to do some minor marketing research. By discovering what your followers are interested in and what they are talking about, you can find out a lot about the demographics you serve. It’s also a great way to learn what the best tactics are and outlets to use for a sale or incentive campaign. Can you give away a free product or a discounted service to certain people who “Like” you on Facebook, or do you get more interest on Twitter? And tied into all of these things are website analytics that can help you decide the best places and ways to share your content based on interest.


How do you use social media to expand your business? Have you taken the time to utilize any sites for extending your marketing? Do you share or allow visitors to share your posts? Let us know by checking out our Facebook Page or using #TMFsocial on Twitter. We’d love to hear what you think. And feel free to share this.

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