5 types of twitter Users You Don’t Want to Be


If you’ve been on twitter more than 3 days, there’s a good chance you’ve unfollowed someone. There are a myriad of reasons for doing this, but I’ve focused in on 5 for you to chew on for a bit.

The social butterfly

Monarch butterfly isolated on white with soft shadow

The Horror: @Way2Social: OMG @ReTwMCgee @SoandSO @OneandonlyFocus @OMGINSPIREDSOMUCH: @NotarealTwitter @thisismadeup @CNN @HuffingtonPost @WSJLive @WaffleHouse @ChipotleTweets Hi.

You’ve probably seen this tweet once or twice. So full of @s and screen names that they have 7 characters left for their tweet. Please limit your mentions to 11 per tweet (fewer if you’re interesting and entertaining)

If you’re simply including handles to get followers, you may see an increase, but you won’t see any benefit to your business. (That is unless you sell twitter followers, then by all means please keep going.

The Proper Use: By all means, make your twitter conversational, but be sure that you’re balancing out your conversation with useful information.

The Retweeter

The Horror: @ReTwMcGee RT: @SOandSO I JUST ATE A SANDWICH.

Surely you can come up with some interesting observation to produce your own content on occasion.
When you begin to strategize, think of the entire cycle of a prospect on Twitter. How will they find you, How will they learn to trust / like / respect you, and how you can entice them to do business with you.

The Proper Use: Retweeting is a great strategy for building followers, but if you never put out an original thought, you’re going to have a tough time converting those followers.

The single minded tweeter


The Horror:@OneandonlyFocus: We’ve got deals

@ OneandonlyFocus: DEALS DEALS DEALS

@ OneandonlyFocus: LOOK! Deals

@ OneandonlyFocus: look at this picture of a cute puppy…. TELLING YOU ABOUT OUR DEALS!!!!!!!!

I will stop following you if you do this. Especially the puppy tweet, that’s just mean. Remember, well rounded is the key. If you don’t have anything new to say, look for inspiration, but don’t keep saying the same thing, sharing the same link, or promoting the same product. It gets old fast.

The Proper Use: Feel free to refresh some older evergreen content, if you’re low on ideas. But mix it in with new content as well.

The Insipirationalist

The Horror:@OMGINSPIREDSOMUCH: Remember, that life is a journey, and everything is beautiful if you look the at it right. You see life is short, don’t waste it, love much, breathe often, soar. Dance even if someone is watching you and critiquing heavily. Sing.

I know that people have entire twitter accounts dedicated to these types of tweets. They do great at attracting followers, but they are often not very interactive. Inspiration offers a quick boost, with no follow through. If you’re looking to gain clients, or a great reputation, use inspiration sparingly. (Side Note: I had a hard time finding an applicable handle that wasn’t taken)

The Proper Use: One great way to utilize this technique is to use graphical representation of an inspirational saying. That type of content is very sharable and can put you in front of a large group of potential followers.

The Hashtagger

hashtag cloud

The Horror: @#Hashtags4Life: #OMG #I #Went #to #Walmart #Today #It #was #awesome

Just typing that tweet out hurt me. It’s strenuous to create and even worse to read. If you want your content to be engaging you’ve got to keep it clean, make it legible, that’s not just limiting your hashtags. Be sure to proof read. And if possible use complete words.

The Proper Use: There are two ways you can use hashtags well:

  1. Use them as they were designed. You can join in conversations, or start a movement for your brand by getting your followers on board with a catchy hastag. It’s a great way to organize your interactions.
  2. Be fun, be ironic, but beware and use sparingly. If you want to use a funny or interesting hashtag, this can be useful, not to start a conversation, but to draw in the attention of people who are scanning their feed. If you’re catching eyes, you are more likely to gain followers, and generate buzz.

I had a lot of fun illustrating poor use of social media. I may have slightly exaggerated all of these, but we all know someone who is flirting with a Twitter disaster. Remember all things are good in moderation. Planning your twitter strategy is essential to success, but above all, make sure you twitter account has a personality that’s uniquely you.

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