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What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Website

So you realize you haven’t updated your website since the mid-2000s and you felt it was time to upgrade to something new and more compatible with today’s modern Internet of social media integration, mobile browsing and instant feedback. You’ve hired a talented and experienced web designer/developer (hi) to put your company’s best efforts out to the Internet public. Now that you’ve gone down this path, what should you expect once your shiny new site has launched? How can you guarantee that your investment can be used to its full potential?

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Branding Part 1: Steps to Build a Strong Brand

Most think that building a brand is the development of an Identity System – logo, colors and business materials. And branding is advertising that identity with collateral in various media. The word branding means everything and nothing to most businesses and advertising is looked at as a necessary evil that drains capital. All that is […]

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3 Reasons to Join LinkedIn Groups

If you are just “connecting” with people on LinkedIn and not utilizing groups on LinkedIn, you are missing some significant benefits of business networking. LinkedIn is such an incredible tool for marketing yourself and your company, so why not benefit from all of the different aspects of it? Join some LinkedIn groups: Here are 3 […]

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