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3 Reasons to Join LinkedIn Groups

If you are just “connecting” with people on LinkedIn and not utilizing groups on LinkedIn, you are missing some significant benefits of business networking. LinkedIn is such an incredible tool for marketing yourself and your company, so why not benefit from all of the different aspects of it? Join some LinkedIn groups: Here are 3 […]

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Why You Should Share Blog Posts with Social Media

Over 51% of Americans use Facebook, so it’s safe to say that at some point during the week, or even the day, your clients are going to be using some sort of social media. There are many ways you can utilize these outlets in marketing, but one of the easiest is by sharing your blog […]

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3 Simple Ways to Maximize LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for business networking. But, many of us are not doing the necessary things to benefit from LinkedIn so we can realize it’s true effectiveness. LinkedIn has given me the platform to stay connected with many different people in numerous industries. There are 3 simple ways to maximize your LinkedIn […]

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