7 Steps to Being a Great Brand Ambassador

Stand Out

Being a brand ambassador is not limited to those select few that run marketing departments for major corporations. All of us act as a brand ambassador on some level. If you ever hope to earn a promotion or a raise, then you are an ambassador for your own personal brand.

It used to be simple to control your brand image. All you had to do was monitor your behavior around those you wanted to impress your value upon. With the rise in popularity of the social network however, we have to constantly be monitoring the content you put out there, and remember once it’s on the internet it’s impossible to take it back.

Here are 7 practical steps you can take to ensure your brand, be it corporate or personal is being portrayed effectively.

Ignore Glengarry Glen Ross.

Selling Online

Alec Baldwin’s character in this movie famously coined the line “Always be closing”. As ridiculous as it sounds, too many businesses and business owners are only using social media to promote sales. If you’re not producing interesting content to keep people engaged, you’re not going to have anyone reading your sales pitch posts.

Sometimes Less is More

If you are sharing effective and engaging content by all means please share it. Good content is hard to come by, and most are happy to read and share. However, if you are posting to fill a quota, and have nothing to say, just stop, let it breathe. This goes for personal accounts too. Facebook is not a diary, it’s not for your stream of consciousness, nor a place to air your dirty laundry.

If you don’t want to share it with your grandmother, don’t share it. Your grandmother may not be on social media, or you may have her blocked, but that doesn’t mean anyone else wants to see how good you are at beer pong, or hear about your… “relationships”. I spent some time working in Human Resources and you wouldn’t believe how many candidates were disqualified simply by their social media profiles. This isn’t just for Job Seekers, for those of you who are small business owners or even employees; remember people associate you with your corporate image.

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

Cute Kittens

I know it’s cliché but it still stands true today. You can paint a better picture of you who are by using positive images from your life, than you could ever convey through words. For businesses this is even more effective. Let your clients see behind the scenes and get to know your staff through pictures. Remember this works in reverse as well, one bad picture can ruin a reputation.

Remember you can never go wrong with cute kittens… well I guess if this was a hard hitting news piece that might be the wrong pictured



There is no reason that you can’t proofread your content on the internet. Nothing will instill less confidence in your clients than excessive typos or misspellings. If you’re not ready to step up and start proofing your content, at least speak English, this is not an attack on people who speak English as a second or third language. I’m talking to those of you that have taken shorthand to a level that is completely illegible to the general public. If you’re so busy you can’t take the time to type an entire word out, you may not need to be spending time on the internet.

You can’t turn off your brand

Unfortunately you can’t choose when you are representing your brand and when you’re not. If you’re posting something, make sure it’s in line with the characteristics you want your brand to represent. Don’t mishear me, not everything you post has to be building your brand through shameless promotion, but evaluate everything you post. Ask yourself does this detract from the image I’m trying to build?

Be Human

Robot Fist Bump

Remember that even if you’re building a corporate brand, everyone wants to feel human connection. Bring your brand down to the human level, incorporate emotions in the content that you post. Remember to think about the emotions you’re going to evoke when you post something. When you’re having a face to face conversation you don’t always have the luxury of evaluating what you say and how it will affect people, but when you’re posting online you can take a second and think, will this be received the way I intend?

However you choose to brand yourself or your company, the biggest thing you can do is remain consistent. If you are constantly changing, you could create a pattern interrupt and create distrust among your prospective clients.

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