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No one can argue the fact that the 2014 NCAA March Madness tournament has been more unpredictable than most. It’s been especially exciting right here in Dayton, Ohio, where we’ve been routing on the University of Dayton Flyers, as they’ve won two games no one could have guessed they would and arriving unscathed into the sweet 16.

I’ve seen a lot of people jump on the UD bandwagon since the beginning of the tournament. Lots of fans who never before mentioned anything about UD are now diehard fans. Typically this behavior bothers me, but for the first time I actually enjoy watching people jump on the bandwagon. The more the merrier. It may be because I myself am a bandwagon jumper, or maybe, just maybe, it’s nice to see some pride in Dayton.

Dayton Abandoned

It’s no secret that Dayton is depressed. All the bones of a once beautiful city still remain, but high vacancy in both residential and commercial real estate leave entire neighborhoods feeling like ghost towns. Though the crime rate has dropped dramatically, there is still a stigma that hangs over the city that repels people from venturing downtown.
Dayton is one of the few major metropolitan areas I can think of that people love their suburban neighborhoods. They take great pride in saying that they have the best school district, or the best sports program, but people avoid downtown like the plague. It’s time we took some pride in the downtown area and start rejuvenating and reestablishing Dayton.

Many cities have established what it is they want to be known for, there are cities that have a great music scene,
other cities are known for their trademark food, and still others are designated as sports towns. The great thing about Dayton is that there is something for everyone, arts, restaurants, and several sports teams.

I grew up north of Dayton and the only trip I took downtown was to get a new birth certificate printed. I went to Wright State University, and felt that the students at UD were elitists. (This was completely unfounded as I only knew a few UD students, and they were all good friends of mine). I spent my entire life enjoying the downtown area, but in 2013 I found myself working in the heart of downtown. I’ve discovered a city full of potential, with unique flavors and experiences that make Dayton more appealing that I ever thought possible. If you’ve never seen how beautiful Dayton can be navigate Here. Want to find out what’s happening in Dayton? Check out upcoming events Here. If you want to see what to eat to get the true flavor of Dayton, check out my friend Lauren’s Blog

Dayton Rejuvinated
So let’s all jump on the UD bandwagon. Let the world see how great our city is. Let’s not let it stop after the tournament ends. Let’s start pouring our heart and soul into downtown Dayton. Let’s be the generation that leaves a mark, and rejuvenates a city.

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